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(1) Submission Methods: Paper submitted for publication should be send to the magazine administration and electronic submission through email may also be encouraged.
(2) Software: The Microsoft Word file will be preferred.
(3) Font: Normal, Times New Roman, 10 pt, single space.
(5) Manuscript: Don’t use “Footnote” or “Header and Footer”.
(6) Cover Page: Put detail information of authors and a short title in the cover page.
(7)Title: Use Title Case in the title and subtitles, e.g. “Debt and Agency Costs”.
(8) Figures and Tables: Use full word of figure and table, e.g. “Figure (1): SDS– Polyacrylamide gel”, Table (2): Concentration of total proteins”.
(9) References: Cite references by “last name, year”, e.g. “(Smith, 2003)”. References should include all the authors’ last names and initials, title, journal, year, volume, issue, and pages etc. Reference Examples: Journal Article: Hacker J, Hentschel U, Dobrindt U. Prokaryotic chromosomes and disease. Science 2003;301(34):790-3. Book: Berkowitz BA, Katzung BG. Basic and clinical evaluation of new drugs. In: Katzung BG, ed. Basic and clinical pharmacology. Appleton & Lance Publisher. Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. 1995:60-9.
(10) Submission Address:, The Egyptian Society of Pesticides, Central Agricultural Pesticides Laboratory (CAPL) building,7 Nadi El-Said Street, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.
(11)Reviewers: Authors are encouraged to suggest 2 competent reviewers one from Universities and the other from Research Center or Institutions.
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