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Prof. Abdel-Aal Abdel-Aziz Farag Pesticides Formulation
Prof. Ahmed Ghazy El-Sisi Pesticides Formulation
Prof. Avon Somawel Mohareb Pesticides Analysis
Prof. Bilal Mohammed Helmy Professor of Pesticides, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University
Prof. Fatmah Mohamed Hammam Mammalian Toxicology
Prof. Magdolin Ayad Samaan Pesticides Analysis
Prof. Magdy Mohemd El-Sayed Gad Mammalian Toxicology
Prof. Mari Elia Kedes Resistance
Prof. Mohamed Abdallah Saleh Pesticides Analysis
Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Razzik El-Sayed Pesticide Residues and Pollution
Prof. Mohamed Ali Ali El-Malla Insect Population Toxicology
Prof. Mohamed Fathy Makkled Pesticide Residues and Pollution
Prof. Mohamed Ma’mon Mowafy Phytotoxicity
Prof. Mohamed Mohamed El Morshedy Fungicides, Bactericides and Nematicides
Prof. Mohamed Mohamed Farid Mammalian Toxicology Department
Prof. Mohammed Ibrahim Abd El-Maguid Professor of Pesticides, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University
Prof. Mohammed Saeed El-Shahat Pesticides Formulation Department
Prof. Mohsen Abdel-Halim El-Gondi Resistance
Prof. Mostafa Mostafa Abdel-Sattar Hammad Resistance
Prof. Nabil Zaki Soliman Pesticides Analysis
Prof. Omayma Kamal Mostafa Bioassay
Prof. Rensa Mohamed Aly Hashysh Phytotoxicity
Prof. Safaa Mostafa Abdel-Rahman Bioassay
Prof. Safwat Henary Youssef Pesticides Analysis
Prof. Salwa Doghem Pesticide Residues and Pollution
Prof. Samia Ali Badawy Mammalian Toxicology
Prof. Wafaa Hassan El-Deeb Pest Rearing
Prof. Yahya Abdel-Hamid Ibrahim Professor of Pesticides, Faculty of Agriculture, Assuit University
Prof. Zakaria Mostafa El-Attal Pesticides Formulation
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